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Viper Black

SCI-MUSCLE VIPER BLACK™ The King of Whey is one of the most advanced whey protein supplements available and is for the serious athletes. Our Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate is regarded as one of the best quality hydrolysates available in the world and is produced by a controlled enzyme treatment of whey protein


The enzyme treatment is mild and is carefully monitored, leaving the essential amino acids intact and retaining the high quality of protein. The molecular weight is greater than 7000 Dalton 20% max, whilst he Degree of Hydrolysis (DH) is 13%. VIPER BLACK™ is a product that is ultra-pure, quickly digested, and packed with muscle building and replenishing amino acids. VIPER BLACK™ is enhanced by the inclusion of Peptide Bonded Glutamine.


This form of glutamine is utilised more effectively than standard free form glutamine. VIPER BLACK™ is the most expensive protein to produce, is the best quality whey money can buy and that is why it is used by many top professional athletes.


Viper Black

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